Doctor's Portal

The online portal assists doctors with the viewing of laboratory result electronically 24/7 from anywhere via any Internet enabled device such as  personal computer, laptop, smart phone, iPad or tablet. Our portal enables doctors to make faster clinical decisions for diagnosis and treatment of their patients.


  • Patient-centric electronic results
  • Secure pin entry to access the application
  • Download, save and print results
  • Sorting of patient lists alphabetically and chronologically
  • Easy search facility
  • Cumulative patient view
  • Intuitive graphical interface


  • To overcome problems and delay when receiving paper results.
  • To improve problems with loss or misplacement of physical paper records and record envelopes.
  • To save time spent on handling paper records.
  • Information can be referred immediately electronically to other doctors.
  • Email and intranet communication within the practice reduce internal paper flows, telephone calls and faxes.
  • Convenient and rapidly access anytime, anywhere from any device to view test results online.
  • Opportunity to improve the existing electronic patient records (EPR) and data quality.
  • More efficient and effective consultations (all information is available and up-to-date)

For enquiries or support with registering and retrieving results please call our IT help desk during office hours on 061-295 4200 or e-mail: