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NIP was established as a state-owned commercial entity in August 2000 and started operations on 1st December 2000 with the objective to provide medical laboratory services to all health facilities in Namibia and beyond. Having started off with 23 laboratories at inception country-wide, which were taken over from the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) under severe human resource, infrastructural, technological and financial constraints, the company has expanded its service in terms of geographical coverage as well as test repertoire available at its now 37 laboratories a staff compliment of more than 300.

The growing challenges that are brought about by diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria has resulted in significant increase in the use of NIP laboratories by the health facilities over the years. For this reason, technical services have been organised in a way that supports professionally managed and well equipped laboratories supported by a state of the art laboratory information system.

One of the latest areas of focus is the establishment of the molecular diagnostic section that now operates a comprehensive diagnostic service based on the polymerase chain reaction(PCR) technique.

NIP management has committed itself to a quality management system based on relevant standards (ISO/IEC 17025 and 15089). A full-fledged qualiy assurance unit is in place and serves to provide adaequate confidence to our clients about the quality of services that they are receiving from our facilities.

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